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We purchased a 16 player package from Upshot Arrows just before our Summer Camp program this past summer. Only a couple kids we spoke to had ever played before, so the experience was brand new for most of our campers. They loved it!!! With this game, we were able to teach strategy, dexterity, sportsmanship, and team play. The game is fast-paced and I love that everyone can do it, not just the athletic kids. I also love how portable the equipment is. It takes little effort and space to pack it all up and transport it to another venue. We are looking forward to playing Arrow Tag with this equipment for years to come in our camp program.

Philip Drake

Program Director, Mt. Lou San Bible Camp

Upshot Arrows has been great to work with!
Staff are very personal. Our camp has mainly used the arrow products for our programming. We quickly and completely switched over from “off-brand” foam-tipped arrows to Upshot Arrows foam-tipped arrows after the “off-brand” arrows broke (which was about 2 months…). Upshot Arrows makes quality products and their arrows have stood up and continue to stand up to 1000’s of uses by energetic, young campers! This allows us to have productive programming without the distractions of undependable equipment breaking or feeling “cheaply made”.
We definitely have our eyes on other durable Upshot Arrows products as well for future purchases. Thank you Upshot Arrows!

Solo Washington

Activities Coordinator, Sacramento Camp and Conference Center

We really appreciated working with Mike from Upshot Arrows getting our summer kids LARPing at camp together. Ordering bows, arrows and quivers the equipment was top notch and they worked with us step-by-step to choose the right items, even graciously sending out some test bows and arrows to shoot at each other, haha! In the end we felt we got a great deal on really great equipment that suited our needs perfectly. This year we’re looking forward to building a relationship with Upshot for our campers to order personal equipment during the registration process. It’ll feel good to get our participating families a discount and personal gear while boosting our revenue a little too. 

Julian McFaul

Founder, Adventures in Cardboard

Upshot Arrows produces several great products that our guests have thoroughly enjoyed.  By using Upshot Arrow products we are able to offer opportunities for groups to have fun outside while experiencing adventure and making lasting memories with each other.  Our activities that use these products are historically some of our highest rated activities.  

Upshot Arrow products allow us to have a wider range of activities available at our camp.  Having these extra amenities makes us more attractive to customers and provides us with more business.   

I am in charge of our Group Camp program at a christian, adventure camp.  We use outdoor adventure, authentic relationships and biblical truth to inspire Christ-like change.  Every group that gets to experience the activities we have that use Upshot Arrow products comes away with a great adventure experience, a closer connection to someone in their group and a fun memory to help them connect with the others in their group.  

Working with these guys at Upshot Arrows has been great!  We used to use another company but the customer service was terrible and the product was lower quality.  Switching to Upshot was a great move all the way around.  Their product is excellent and their customer service is top notch.  There would never be a reason to look elsewhere.  

Walker Nikolaus

Program Director, Black Diamond Camp

“We basically love it! My staff are slightly addicted and our campers are having a blast – so many good things! I love how our logo came out! Thanks for your commitment to making sure we got the best possible product there! We have been looking for a good replacement for paint ball and air soft and this is just PERFECT.  We love it!! “

Ellen Dickinson

Program Director, Fair Haven Camps

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