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Each set comes complete with masks, swords, Maceballs and everything you need!

24 Player Kit


10 Swords
24 Masks
1 Maceball
24 Jerseys
Complete Play & Setup Guide
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48 Player Kit


20 Swords
48 Masks
2 Maceballs
48 Jerseys
Complete Play & Setup Guide
Free Shipping!
No licensing or hidden costs

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What is Maceball?

Maceball is a brand new game developed by Upshot Adventures that combines capture the flag with swashbuckling sword dueling. Each side starts with five sword wielders whose goal it is to get the Maceball from the opposing team and score a point in the opposing team’s bucket. As players make their way down the field and are tagged “out” they go down on a knee and a Healer player comes onto the field and takes their sword to the next player waiting in line. The round is over when the Maceball is scored into the opposing team’s bucket without being tagged out!

What are the rules?

The rules are very simple. Sword wielders employ a “lightest touch” system of dueling which means that they do not swing hard and with force, but instead take a fencing strategy where they are deflecting attacks and trying to tag the other players out of the round with their sword. If a player swings hard they are automatically “out” as called by a referee.

When a player is out a healer takes their sword and cycles the next player in! Full rules come with each package and cover all the details.

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